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The First Patent-Pending Air Purifying Filter Powered by PTAC Units

Top-Quality Air Purification

HEPA filtration & active carbon purify up to 99.97% of allergens, viruses and bacteria and reduce odors and fumes.

Cost Effective Solution

Long-lasting, replaceable filters provide superior value & performance when up against comparable standalone room purifiers.

Set It & Forget It

Compact and durable design is easy to install with no additional electricity needed & can run up to 6 months of continuous use.

With air quality being more important to people than ever, the RZ AIRflow offers users a new way to improve the air they breathe when paired with PTAC units. Plus, it’s more economical, lasts longer, and outperforms most standalone air purifiers.

Top-Quality Air Purification

• HEPA filtration filters viruses, common allergens and bacteria to PM2.5 

• Active carbon filters reduce odors within 20 minutes on average 

Purifies the air from both inside and outside air pulled through the PTAC within 45 minutes 

Set It & Forget It

Install the RZ AIRflow to the top vent and within minutes it’s ready to run at peak performance for up to 6 months of non-stop use. 

• No additional electricity needed 

• Zero added noise beyond the PTAC airflow 

• Minimal airflow reduction to PTAC airflow (5%) 

Improve the Air Quality Everywhere PTAC Units are Found


Senior Living Communities






I no longer had itchy watery eyes, and no dry throat and cough. It was that amazing for my first use - I recommend this product for travelers. 

Bellflower, CA

My room after using the purifier smelled like clean air. I had no allergies my entire trip. I slept like a baby and best of all I did not have to take any medication for my allergies or asthma.

Jersey City, NJ

It is the best allergy product that I have used for a long time... It has lessened my allergy symptoms significantly and I am able to enjoy traveling more because of it.

Brooklyn, NY

I think this product was amazing. It was lightweight, easy to install, and improved my experience traveling more than I ever could have expected!

Boston, MA