RZ AIRflow - Air Purifying Filter for PTAC Units - RZ Airflow
AIRflow - Air Purifying Filter for PTAC Units - RZ Airflow
AIRflow - Air Purifying Filter for PTAC Units - RZ Airflow
AIRflow - Air Purifying Filter for PTAC Units - RZ Airflow
AIRflow - Air Purifying Filter for PTAC Units - RZ Airflow
AIRflow - Air Purifying Filter for PTAC Units - RZ Airflow
AIRflow - Air Purifying Filter for PTAC Units - RZ Airflow
AIRflow - Air Purifying Filter for PTAC Units - RZ Airflow
RZ AIRflow - Air Purifying Filter for PTAC Units
RZ AIRflow - Air Purifying Filter for PTAC Units

RZ AIRflow - Air Purifying Filter for PTAC Units

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Control the air you breathe in hotels, senior living communities, hospitals, apartments and any space where a PTAC unit is found with the RZ AIRflow for PTAC units. Compatible with the vast majority of PTAC units, the RZ AIRflow reduces odors and provides maximum room purification within 45 minutes on average.
  • Top-Quality Air Purification
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Set it & Forget It
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The Internationally Patent-Pending RZ AIRflow is durable, lightweight and portable. Each purifying filter includes the following:

  • One center HEPA filter that filters up to 99.97% of airborne particulates down to .3 microns, including dust and dust mites, pollen, mold spores, viruses, and bacteria
  • Two side active carbon filters reduce odors and smoke on average within 20 minutes
  • Unit dimensions when fully installed: 30.5” x 7”
  • Portable and durable frame weighs 1.3 pounds and collapses to a size of 11.6” x 7” x 3.5for easy transport and storage
  • Optimum air purification occurs after 4 cycles or typically 45 minutes and continues to improve with operation
  • The RZ Airflow is optimized for airflow and tested to hold set temperature
  • No additional plug-in or battery is necessary. It operates when the PTAC unit is running
  • No increase to PTAC energy consumption at low or high speeds
  • No additional electricity needed beyond the airflow from the PTAC unit

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superior performance


Using the power of the PTAC air, the RZ AIRflow provides continuous purification of rooms within 45 minutes on average.

No Extra Power, No Extra Noise
Set It & Forget It Installation

Set the RZ AIRflow air purifying filter up in minutes by attaching the two active carbon side filters with the center HEPA filter. While the PTAC unit is powered on, the RZ AIRflow will actively purify the room within 45 minutes with no additional power needed and no added noise beyond the PTAC unit.

The Power of the PTAC
Filter Air from Inside & Outside

A unique feature of the RZ AIRflow paired with the PTAC unit is it filters and purifies both the air inside the room, as well as the air pulled through the PTAC from outside. This helps filter out common allergens such as pollen and dust as well as smoke and fumes with only minimal impact to the overall unit airflow (5%).

Cost Effective Replaceable Filters
Last Up to 6 Months of Continuous Use

Costing a maximum of $0.24 a day, the RZ AIRflow comes with one HEPA filter + two active carbon filters. Filter replacement options are affordable and help extend the lifetime use of the RZ AIRflow.

*Based on continuous use for 3 years.

Lightweight & Portable Design Includes
Durable Carrying Case

Frequent travelers and allergy sufferers can take the RZ AIRflow with them anywhere they travel with the durable carrying case. With millions of hotels rooms around the country utilizing PTAC units for heating and cooling, this puts the power of controlling the air they breathe in their own hands.


I no longer had itchy watery eyes, and no dry throat and cough. It was that amazing for my first use - I recommend this product for travelers. 

Bellflower, CA

My room after using the purifier smelled like clean air. I had no allergies my entire trip. I slept like a baby and best of all I did not have to take any medication for my allergies or asthma.

Jersey City, NJ

It is the best allergy product that I have used for a long time... It has lessened my allergy symptoms significantly and I am able to enjoy traveling more because of it.

Brooklyn, NY

I think this product was amazing. It was lightweight, easy to install, and improved my experience traveling more than I ever could have expected!

Boston, MA

How to install the RZ AIRflow

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I recommend this product

For the asthmatic traveler!

I've suffered from asthma and allergies for my entire life and both have been managed pretty well with meds but traveling was always hit or miss. New locations with different allergens and hotels that may or may not have ever cleaned their room HVAC systems always worried me. With this filter, I feel far more confident that I'll wake up in the morning without a pounding headache, wheezing, or a stuffy or runny nose. I used this at a Best Western that I stayed at for a work trip and it was super quick to install (which was a relief after a long day of driving). Just unzip the case, snap together the two side filters and clip onto the room's PTAC unit. It really does make a difference in the air! I installed it, went to dinner, and when I came back I could smell a noticeable difference in my room's air. I prefer this over a portable room air purifier because it's small, doesn't require any electricity, and doesn't add any extra noise to the hotel room. I definitely suggest this for any asthmatics or allergy sufferers!

Mae E.
United States United States
I recommend this product


Even if my hotel stays were at higher priced properties, more often than not, my rooms smelled like old stinky tennis shoes right before you throw them away, or moldy towels, or at best non-specific smells like staleness or dust. At the advice of a pilot friend, I tried RZ AIRFlow, skeptical it would make a difference.; however, I have to admit I was positively impressed. RZ AIRFlow eliminated all the negative room odors and I felt I was breathing clean, fresh air. I slept better, I enjoyed myself more and now I won't travel without it. By the way, would other small air purifiers that plug into the wall do the same? Maybe, I've tried a couple mid-range priced air purifiers but they were hard to pack, hard to get through TSA and everything I tried uses extra energy. The RZ AIRFlow comes in a light weight carrying case, doesn't use extra energy and provides cleaner and fresher air - I vote for RZ AIRFlow - 0 energy use and the BEST air purification product I have tried.

holly m.
United States United States
I recommend this product

No more migraines!

I am really sensitive to smells and particulates like mold and pollen. Since i was a little girl, I've always gotten migraines from hotel cleaning products, stale smoke, must and mold. I have personally used the RZ AIRflow a few times and I knew it would help some but I was amazed at how quickly it filtered the bad stinky air. I travel and stay in hotels about 1x a month or more for several days at a time. Now, when I wake up my head is clear, my sinuses aren't all stuffed up and best of all no migraines� I read the blogs on RZAIRflow's website about what's In a hotel PTAC unit and it appalled me. To see pictures of what it actually looks like, was very eye opening and a little frightening! I would have never imagined what the filters looked like under that nice white cover! It become very clear why I always felt so awful. See for yourself. Thank you RZAIRflow for making my vacations and business trips much more enjoyable

John Y.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Allergy Sufferer

I have struggled with allergies all my life, which causes nasal congestion and sore dry throat. As a traveling Engineer, hotel rooms have been a way of life. I know hotels can't control who was in the room or if they followed the rules. Now I have the answer, the RZ Airflow, it is lightweight, compact and easy to install. It cleared the air in about 40 minutes and you can smell the difference. I get the rest I need and don't wake up with a stuffed up nose or sore throat.

Nika J.
United States United States
I recommend this product


I suffer every single time I stay in a Hotel, the cleaning products hit me HARD! The RZ AIRFLOW changed my experiences immediately and within 5-10 minutes it made a huge difference. Thank you RZ for a wonderful new product for a lifetime of health issues Nika