Replacement HEPA Filter - RZ Airflow
Replacement HEPA Filter - RZ Airflow
Replacement HEPA Filter - RZ Airflow
Replacement HEPA Filter - RZ Airflow

Replacement HEPA Filter

Control the air you breathe in hotels, senior living communities, hospitals, apartments and any space where a PTAC unit is found with the RZ AIRflow for PTAC units. Compatible with the vast majority of PTAC units, the RZ AIRflow reduces odors and provides maximum room purification within 45 minutes on average for rooms up to 315 feet.
  • Top-Quality Air Purification
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Set it & Forget It

Replacement HEPA filters are coming soon

Keep your RZ AIRflow purifying filter at top performance by replacing the HEPA filter after 6 months of continuous use on average. Designed specifically for PTAC units, the RZ AIRflow is affordable, simple to use, and purifies 99.97% of the air in the room from viruses, allergens, and odors within 45 minutes on average.

  • 6-month filter lifespan
  • HEPA filter eliminates up to 99.97% of viruses, bacteria, dust, pet dander, pollen, smoke and odors.
  • No added noise created by AIRflow while operating
  • Minimal impact to the PTAC unit airflow (5%)

superior performance

outperforms most standalone air purifiers

Using the power of the PTAC air, the RZ AIRflow provides continuous purification of rooms up to 315' within 45 minutes on average.

No Extra Power, No Extra Noise
Set It & Forget It Installation

Set the RZ AIRflow air purifying filter up in minutes by attaching the two active carbon side filters with the center HEPA filter. While the PTAC unit is powered on, the RZ AIRflow will actively purify the room within 45 minutes with no additional power needed and no added noise beyond the PTAC unit.

The Power of the PTAC
Filter Air from Inside & Outside

A unique feature of the RZ AIRflow paired with the PTAC unit is it filters and purifies both the air inside the room, as well as the air pulled through the PTAC from outside. This helps filter out common allergens such as pollen and dust as well as smoke and fumes with only minimal impact to the overall unit airflow (5%).

Cost Effective Replaceable Filters
Last Up to 6 Months of Continuous Use

Costing a maximum of $.24 a day, the RZ AIRflow comes with one HEPA filter + two active carbon filters. Filter replacement options are affordable and help extend the lifetime use of the RZ AIRflow.

*Based on continuous use for 3 years.

Lightweight & Portable Design Includes
Durable Consumer Carrying Case

Frequent travelers and allergy sufferers can take the RZ AIRflow with them anywhere they travel with the durable carrying case. With millions of hotels rooms around the country utilizing PTAC units for heating and cooling, this puts the power of controlling the air they breathe in their own hands.

How to install the RZ AIRflow