What Is a PTAC Unit?

The RZ Airflow also allows you to breathe more easily by purifying the air when installed to a PTAC unit. But what exactly is a PTAC?  

A packaged terminal air conditioner, or PTAC, is a commercial-grade air conditioning and heating unit installed directly through a wall. They’re commonly found in hotels, apartments, senior living communities, medical centers, schools and more because they’re affordable and they allow people to control the temperature in their individual rooms.

While PTACs have air filters built inside the units, those filters are designed to protect the unit’s coils and other moving parts from being clogged by lint and other large particles. They don’t offer a high level of protection or filtration from airborne particles and odors.

That’s why we invented the RZ Airflow, so you can affordably purify the air you breathe everywhere you travel, work, and live where a PTAC is found. The Airflow is compatible with the vast majority of PTAC. So chances are, if your air is coming from a PTAC unit, you can enjoy clean air with the RZ Airflow.

An RZ AIRflow on a PTAC unit inside a hotel room

How would the AIRflow purifying filter improve the air quality?

PTAC units remove warm, moist air from a room, expel it through an outdoor vent, and replace it with chilled, dried air using a refrigeration process. Outdoor air -- and the pollen, dander, and allergens that accompany it – can enter through the vent. Normal PTAC filters don’t remove particles that small, and those outdoor allergens are free to disperse in your hotel room.

Those outdoor allergens aren’t the only particles in hotel rooms. According to the EPA, indoor air may be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Pet dander from a guest with a cat, cigarette smell on the clothes of a guest who smokes, and viral particles from a guest coming down with something are in hotels from previous visitors or current stays. That doesn’t include what’s inside the hotel, such as mold from areas with high humidity or chemicals from the cleaning products.

The RZ Airflow uses HEPA and active carbon filters to trap 99.97% of airborne particles and remove odors from PTAC-circulated air. So no matter where the air comes from, it’ll be clean when you breathe it in.

An illustration of how air moves with the RZ AIRflow

How do I know if my hotel has a PTAC unit?

A quick look at the outside of a hotel can likely tell you if your hotel has a PTAC unit. Because PTAC units draw air from the outside, you’ll see air grates along the outside of the hotels with PTAC units. Many hotels have exterior pictures on their website that you’ll likely be able to see the PTAC air grates. Additionally, a quick peek at the room photos provided by the hotel you’re staying at often will confirm that the room you’re staying in is powered by a PTAC unit.

The easiest way to find out if a hotel has a PTAC unit is to call them directly.