HOTEL EXECUTIVE - A New Affordable Air Filtration Solution for Hotels With PTAC Units


RZ Industries®, a US-based air filtration company since 2010, recently released a first-of-its-kind patent-pending solution to indoor air filtration, the RZ AIRflow®. The patent-pending RZ AIRFlow is the first-ever HEPA air purifying filter powered by PTAC units. The RZ AIRflow offers hotels that utilize PTAC units for heating and cooling an affordable, high performing air purifying solution that requires minimal maintenance.

Since the onset of the pandemic, more attention has been brought to air quality and the benefits of proper air filtration. According to the AHLA "State of the Hotel Industry Report", hotel cleaning and hygiene practices rank second in priority only to price when guests are selecting a hotel. While many hotels have enhanced their air filtration systems or integrated standalone purifying products into rooms, the best performing options are often a high-cost product and not realistic for purchasing in large quantities.

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